Terms of Service + Info

-I WILL NOT draw nsfw, incest, abuse or pedophilia ships and content. Fandoms I'm uncomfortable with (usual nasty ones). Complex armor and mecha. Transphobia (slurs including h+rm, f+ta, c+ntby, etc) homophobia, or anything racist

-I will draw furries, ships, ocs, canon characters, FR dragons, gore, custom designs, backgrounds. Open to anything as long as it doesn't include what I won't draw

-Complex characters or designs will have a fee, usually half of the base price for a commission

-I have a right to refuse a commission

-I can send as many WIP shots as needed, I usually send one for the sketch

-I receive the money before starting the commission but I am also open to getting the money after a sketch WIP

-Refunds can be discussed

-Do not use my art for commercial use unless we discuss and work something out


-I have different types of lineart brushes, I use whatever one I seem fit! If you want a certain one, ask!

-I have a whole host of mental health problems, so commission progress can be slow! Do not hesitate to check in, messages asking for progress usually makes me work on the commission.

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